Elfhelm's Bane is narrated by Elfstone. He sets the plot, which is that an obscure cult has built a large temple in Elfhelm, which is a city in the Realm of Angbar. The priests worship an evil god named The Wormlord. Elfstone calls for brave adventurers to raid the temple and vanquish the "Nameless One".

Elfstone also breaks the fourth wall by mentioning that you are playing a computer disk, the first module of a series of modules that take place in the Realm of Angbar. All the disks are linked and your adventurer can walk through each of them, thus creating a large world.

The other modules [which were never released] are:

  • Quest of the Dragon's Run
  • The Mountain-Lord of Eriath
  • Fangwood
  • The Crystal Realm

Elfstone says that all disks are double sided, with the city of Elfhelm being on side one, with around 400 rooms per game. Elfstone welcomes suggestions and feedback, and gives an address of:

Elfstone's Realm of Angbar

C/O Green Valley Publishing, Inc

7122 Shady Oak Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Under Game Instructions, Elfstone has more information about the plot and setting.

The game takes place on the alien world of Orthos, where magic and fantasy adventure still exist. You begin the game as a young person who has just arrived in the capital city of the Realm of Angbar, Elfhelm. All you have are clothes and a few gold coins you made by selling your small boat on the wharf.

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