These instructions have been tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Step 1: Download an Apple II e emulator. It is assumed you know how to unzip and open the exe file. Do yourself a favor and send AppleWin.exe to your desktop for easy access, or make a shortcut somewhere, such as Favorites in Windows 7.

Step 2: The source code keeps moving from server to server. Check here and scroll down for the latest location of Disk 1 and Disk 2. Download them to an Elfhelm's Bane folder on your computer. You should then have Elfhelm'sBane-S1.dsk and Elfhelm'sBane-S2.dsk in the new folder you made.

Step 3: Copy a disk (right click) and paste it (right click) in Windows Explorer and name it Character. dsk. You should now have three disks. Don't think, just do it.

Step 4: Open the Apple Emulator and click on Disk Drive 1 on the right side.

Step 5: Click on the colored Apple and you will boot up.

Step 6: Hit a key to advance to the main menu.

Step 7: Create a Data Disk. VERY IMPORTANT: click on the Disk Drive 1 icon and change the disk from Elfhelm'sBane-S1.dsk to Character.dsk. If you don't do this, the game disk will be erased. After formatting has completed, you are prompted to insert the master disk. This is Elfhelm'sBane-S1.dsk. So once again, click the Disk Drive 1 icon and select it.

Step 8: Create a New Character and follow the steps. It's very important to remember your character's name because you need the EXACT name typed to start the game in Step 7, and if you are playing it old school and not using the Emulator's save and restore functions. (You will be saving and restoring your game by using F11 (save) and F12 (load).) Click here to read about Creating a Character.

Step 9: When prompted to create data disk, click on Disk Drive 1 on the right side of the emulator and choose the Character.dsk you created. Then press any key. You are prompted to insert your master disk. Once again, that is Elfhelm'sBane-S1.dsk. So click on the Disk Drive 1 icon and select it. Press any key.

Step 10: At this point, you can play the game by going to The Realm of Angbar, or you can read documentation by selecting Instructions and Angbar Notes. (All game info is contained in this wiki.) Be sure to type your name in exactly to begin (see Step 8). You will need to once again follow the prompt and select your Character.dsk and then swap Elfhelm'sBane-S1.dsk back in.

Footnotes: Don't like manually swapping so much? You can use Disk Drive 1 and Disk Drive 2 and use the Apple Emulator's swap button located under Drive 2.

You can click F11 to create a save game file (name it your character's name) right away,

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