Elfhelm's bane menu

The game will randomly generate stats for each attribute of your character.

Here are the character traits:

Strength (STR): The ability to wield a weapon, carry inventory, perform feats of strength, and give more damage. Warriors need a high strength.

Intelligence (INT): The ability to reason, cast spells, and zap items. The main trait of a Magic User. Also used for finding hidden exits.

Constitution (CON): The ability to endure, recover from wounds, and to be resurrected. Each time you are brought back to life, you lose a CON point.

Dexterity (DEX): The ability to dodge attacks and perform acts of agility.

Magic Ability (MAG): The ability to successfully cast spells and infliect damage with them. A must for Priest and Magic Users.

There are three classes: Warriors, Priests, and Magic Users.


Warriors start off with the most Body Damage Points (hit points) and gain the most BDP with each level. They can wield any weapon, and inflict more BDP than the other classes. However, they cannot learn or cast spells. They can Zap magic scrolls or items and cast spells.


In many ways, Priests are the jack of all trades and the easiest class to excel in. First time players should choose Priests to experience weapons and magic. Priests can wield any weapon and can learns spells. They start off with Vigor (healing). Priests have less Magic Points (each spell cast uses them) and Magic Bonuses (chance of spell success, strength, and duration) than Magic Users.

Magic UsersEdit

Magic Users are the opposite of Warriors. They specialize in magic, and thus cannot used edged weapons. They begin with three spells: Vigor, Haste (get an extra turn), and a random spell. They have superior Magic Points and Magic Bonuses than Priests. Magic Users have the lowest BDP of any class, and thus can easily be killed at Level 1.

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