Realm of angbar commands

During the game, keyboard commands are used for you character to interact with the world around it.

Fighting CommandsEdit

A- Attack: Attack will open up the battle system menu. It can only be used if a monster is in the room. Attack reveals the following sub-commands:

H- Hit: This is a standard attack, which balances out damage inflicted and defense.

P- Parry: Parrying is a purely defensive attack which will inflict a small amount of damage, but increase the chance of a monster not being able to strike back during its turn.

B- Bash: This attack, which uses Dexterity and Strength, attempts to stun a monster for one turn.

S- Smash: This is a reckless (or courageous) attack that inflicts the most possible damage, but leaves your character open to attack from any monster in the area.

K- Kill: Once you've made your first Attack, choose Kill to continue your rampage. Only choose A to switch your attack to another monster in the room.

You can hit ESC if you accidentally selected Attack.

C- Cast: Used only by Priests or Magic Users, this command allows you to cast a spell. Another menu will open with the spells you have learned. Such spells may include, Vigor, Haste, Plague, Fireball, Blast, Fear, Invisibility, Neutralize Poison, Doomkill, Identify, Lightning, Mezmerise, Terror, and Cure Disease.

Movement CommandsEdit

N: North, E: East, S: South, W: West, U: Up, D: Down

O: Out and G: Go are special commands used to enter or leave buildings, rooms, or special doorways. For example, if Elfstone says, "You see a palace", the only way to enter it is to press G.

F: Find hidden exists is a command based on your intelligence. It is recommended that you use search for secrets in every room.

Other CommandsEdit

Enter/Return Key: Hitting Enter skips a turn. This is useful to rest and regenerate Body Damage Points, Magic Points, or wait for poison or disease to kill a monster.

Spacebar: This will bring up a quick list of commands for you.

B- Buy: Used only in Elhelm Weapons and Supply Shop, this enables you to buy items with gold. You cannot buy items if you are already carrying twenty items, if you don't have enough gold in the bank, or if the item to too heavy to carry.

H- Hock: Hocking an item can only be used at the Elfhelm Pawnshop. You can reject Sharkey the Pawnbroker's offer an infinite number of times if you wish. He gives random offers. After you sell an item the gold will be automatically deposited into your bank account, but you will not gain experience points. You cannot hock gold.

D- Display: This will display your character's statistics. In Dungeons & Dragons, this would be your character sheet.

I- Inventory: This will display everything you are carrying, including its weight (you have a maximum capacity of weight and 20 items). This is the only place to drop an item. Dropping items is useful if you want to pick up a better item or discard trash, items that lost their magic charge, cursed items, duplicates, etc.

X-Hide: This enables you to perform a suprise first strike attack against monsters that enter the room and didn't already see you. (If you hide after a monster arrives, it can still see you.) Doing certains things will reveal your presence- such as attacking, casting a spell, or zapping- so be sure to make the most of your initiative. Looking at monsters will not reveal your presence. You can test to see which actions will keep you in the shadows. Advanced users have said that using Hide as soon as entering a room is the key to victory.

J- Examine: The staple of text game and interactive fiction from the 1980s, Elfstone will give you further details about items or monsters. It counts as a turn. This is a great way to see the level of monsters and the class types of weapons and items you have. You can choose: O for Object or M for Monster. Rule of thumb; attacking monsters 2-3 times your level may be suicidal.

L- Look: Looking enables you to see any monsters or objects in the room. From there you can pick up the item. This is the only command to pick up an object.

Q- Quit: This will initiate the saving sequence. You cannot quit during a fight. If using the Apple II Emulator, it is recommended to use the built in save and restore functions instead of this.

R- Return Equipment: This allows you to sheath your weapon or take off your shield or armor without dropping it to the ground. Useful before you Vamoose from a powerful enemy. Keep in mind, that Return counts as a turn and you will probably be attacked after you put your shield away before Vamoosing.

T- Train: This command will train you at the Town Square if you have enough gold in the bank.

V- Vamoose: When the going gets rough, the coward gets going. If you are going to lose a battle and do not want to risk death, you can vamoose and leave the area. You will drop your weapon and shield and they will be gone forever as you randomly move to another room nearby. Be warned: there is a small chance a monster or monsters will block your escape, and a greater chance that the monster will pursue you. As an alternative, you can attempt to use a Movement Command to exit the room, although more than likely a strong monster will hit you. You may want to use the Return Equipment command before Vamoose, although you may be attacked for each turn.

W- Wield: This activates a weapon, shield, or armor by holding it. If you pick up or buy an item, it is not activated until your Wield it. To switch weapons, shield, or armor, simply Wield your choice- there is no reason to Return it. Be sure to Display your character to see how the Wield affects your Body Damage Points and Armor Class.

Y- Yell: This will increase the chance of monsters appearing. This command is for cocky and powerful characters. This is dangerous for low level characters as the monsters seem more enraged and populate quickly.

Z- Zap: Zapping is a very important command that enables all classes to use magical items or tools, such as keys. Each item has a charge, which is unknown to you unless you cast Identify. Without that spell, it's up to you to keep track of what the different colored scrolls and other magical items do. Some magical devises are cursed and will backfire. Some items are worthless. Others are the most powerful. Every spell that a Magic User or Priest can learn are represented in magical items, so a Fighter has a good chance of Zapping them to cast spells. There are items which are not spells that can be learned by Magic Users or Priests, such as items that allow teleportation, the opening of locked doors, gaining experience, and more. If an item contains an offensive spell, you will be asked to select a target. Hit ESC to cancel that request if you don't want to use it then.

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